Editorial: “October 2008, The Lost Issue (#17)”

When I placed Some Fantastic on indefinite hiatus in the fall of 2008, I did so rather suddenly, with no effort to properly wind things down. Publication actually ceased while in the middle of compiling and editing material for the October 2008 issue. In fact, even though there was enough material to produce a final issue, I unfortunately lacked both the time and wherewithal necessary to make it happen. So, for nearly five years, that material has lain dormant in archived emails. However, with the impending official relaunch, change in format, and ongoing transfer of the original Some Fantastic material to the new site, the opportunity to finally bring the material online is finally here.

Starting this weekend, I will post most of that material online. Yes, the reviews are nearly five years old, but I’m of the opinion that it’s never too late to bring attention to deserving genre entertainment. After those reviews are online, the official launch of Some Fantastic 2.0 will begin in earnest.

Matthew Appleton, Editor

2 responses to “Editorial: “October 2008, The Lost Issue (#17)”

  1. Looking very much forward to it! I didn’t have anything in that issue, did I?

    • No, you didn’t have anything. I’m actually in the process of emailing everyone who had supplied material and making sure I still have their permission to use it — if you had something, I would’ve been sending you such an email.

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