In the fall of 2004, I originally launched Some Fantastic as e-published critzine focused on science fiction, fantasy, & horror in literature and film. Over the course of 16 issues (the last four I co-edited with Jessica Darago), Some Fantastic published nearly 200 articles which ran the gamut of DVD, graphic novel and book reviews, critical and personal essays, author interviews, humor columns and even a piece of short fiction. It went into indefinite hiatus in the fall of 2008, where it currently remains until its planned July 2013 relaunch in a blog format.

In the spirit of the original critzine, unsolicited submissions are welcome. Please note, however, that by the standards of science fiction fandom, this is a fanzine and no one is compensated for their contribution.

Finally, If you are an author or represent either a book publisher or movie studio and you have a book or DVD you would like to see reviewed by Some Fantastic 2.0, please contact me at the email address below. Sending your item is not a guarantee we will review it. Please note that we will not return DVDs or books we decide not to review.

Matthew Appleton
Editor, Some Fantastic

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