Books Reviewed by Author

Author(s) Title
Lou Anders (ed.) Futureshocks
Max Barry
Gregory Benford
James Blish
Octavia E. Butler
Jennifer Government
Foundation’s Fear
Cities in Flight
Orson Scott Card

Michael Cassutt
Jack L. Chalker
Michael Chabon (ed.)

Julie E. Czerneda &
Isaac Szpindel (eds.)

First Meetings in the Enderverse
Ultimate Iron Man, Vol. 1 (graphic novel)
Red Moon
Balshazzar’s Serpent
McSweeney’s Chamber of Astonishing Stories
Eric Flint
Jeffrey Ford
Karen Joy Fowler, Pat Murphy, Debbie Notkin, & Jeffrey D. Smith (eds.)
The Empire of Ice Cream
The James Tiptree Award Anthology 2
David Gerrold

Martin H. Greenberg &
Brittany A. Koren (eds.)
Lois H. Gresh &
Robert Weinberg

Bouncing off the Moon
Jumping off the Planet
You Bet Your PlanetTermination Node
John Hellers &
Martin H. Greenberg (eds.)
Charlie Huston
Future Americas

Already Dead

Stephen Jones (ed.) The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #16
Katherine Kerr
J. Gregory Keyes
Newton’s Cannon
Scott MacKay
David Marusek
Jack McDevitt
Ian McDonald
Frank MillerWalter M. Miller, Jr. &
Martin H. Greenberg (eds.)
Christopher Moore
James Morrow
The Meek
Counting Heads
Infinity Beach
River of Gods
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
(graphic novel)
Beyond ArmageddonA Dirty Job
The Cat’s Pajamas
Terry Pratchett
Tim Pratt
David Pringle
Going Postal
The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl
Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels
Chris Roberson (ed.)
Justina Robson
Adventure, Vol. 1
Silver Screen
Steven Savile &
Alethea Kontis (eds.)
John Scalzi
Elemental: The Tsunami Relief Anthology

The Ghost Brigades
Old Man’s War
Zoe’s Tale

Lucius Shepard

Wilmar Shiras
Christopher Stasheff
Michael Swanwick

A Handbook of American Prayer
Children of the Atom
St. Vidicon to the Rescue
Jack Faust
Cecilia Tan (ed.)
Chris Teague (ed.)
Rob Thurman
Karen Traviss
Harry Turtledove with
Martin H. Greenberg (eds.)
Sex in the System
Triquorum One
City of Pearl
The Best Military Science Fiction of the Twentieth Century
Gordon Van Gelder (ed.) Fourth Planet from the Sun: Tales of Mars from the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Brian K. Vaughn The Last Man—Paper Dolls, Volume 7 (graphic novel)
H.G. Wells
Liz Williams
Walter Jon Williams
Robert Charles Wilson
The Island of Dr. Moreau
Banner of Souls
City on Fire
Blind Lake
George Zebrowski
Stephan Zielinski
Robert Zubrin
Black Pockets and Other Dark Thoughts
Bad Magic
The Holy Land

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