Issue No. 10

“An Interview with Elizabeth Bear,” by Issue No. 10 CoverMatthew Appleton; “King Kong as Reality Television,” by Sara K. Ellis; “A Double-Take on V for Vendetta,” by Richard Fuller

Book Reviews
Cecilia Tan’s Sex in the System, by Rose Fox; Paul Di Filippo’s Shuteye for the Timebroker, by Danny Adams; David Wellington’s Monster Island, by Matthew Appleton; Daniel Abraham’s A Shadow in Summer, by Chris Elliot; Tim Eldred’s Grease Monkey, by Hawk; Mike Resnick & Joe Siclari’s Worldcon Guest of Honor Speeches, by Christopher J. Garcia; Joel Lane’s Lost District, by Mario Guslandi; Max Brooks’s World War Z, by Matthew Appleton; Elizabeth Bear’s The Chains That You Refuse, by Jessica Darago; & Robert Kirkman & Ryan Ottley’s Invincible, Vol. 6: A Different World, by Hawk.

DVD Reviews
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Two-Disk Special Edition, by Caroline-Isabelle Caron; The Hills Have Eyes (2006), by Alex Esten; Nanny McPhee, by Edna Stumpf; The Omen, Two-Disc Collector’s Edition (1976), by Sara K. Ellis; Brothers Grimm, by Caroline-Isabelle Caron; & Night Watch, by Matthew Appleton.

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